What are Filler Injections? 

We all develop wrinkles that become more noticeable over time. Specifically, the skin loses its underlying supporting structure, which is known as soft tissue atrophy. Soft tissue atrophy is one of the most prominent signs of the aging face, and our physicians are expert in the identification and treatment of this condition. There are a myriad of options available for the treatment of atrophy, and they are collectively referred to as soft tissue augmentation, or sometimes, “fillers”. The four types fillers to consider are:

Our staff physicians will custom design treatment options to tailor to each patient’s unique needs. The most common areas affected by soft tissue atrophy, and the resultant aging appearance, are the lips, chin, cheeks, under the eyes, temples, corners of the mouth, jawline and nasolabial folds (crease running between the nose and the side of the mouth). 


Equally important to the choice of the product is the technique and the experience used to inject the products. Both Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Hsu are international speakers and trainers to other physicians. Together they have educated thousands of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic physicians across the globe on their unique approach to produce a natural and harmonious result while minimizing discomfort, bruising, and downtime.  


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