Removal of Brown Spots/Vascular Lesions

At Oak Dermatology we have cutting-edge lasers to treat of a wide variety of skin disorders including unwanted pigmentation, freckles, brown spots commonly referred to as age or liver spots. These lasers are also often the treatment of choice to address ‘broken blood vessels’ on the face, red port wine stain birthmarks as well as hypertrophic scars and stretch marks. All of these lesions can be treated with Cutera Excel V, Cutera Xeo, and Sciton Joule.

  • Removal of “Vascular” Lesions—capillaries, broken blood vessels, pink stretch marks
    These lasers and light sources produce a bright beam of light to selectively destroy the blood vessels that make up the vascular lesions or are contained within the scar or stretch mark, without damaging the surrounding tissues. Factors such as the type of vascular lesion, age, color, and the location on the body determine whether the lesions can be removed.

    You may experience mild discomfort similar to being snapped by a rubber band.  Depending on the condition, treatment may require one, two, or more sessions, with each session taking between 15 and 30 minutes. Redness and swelling may develop shortly after treatment. It usually clears by the very next day but on occasion lasts 2 to 3 days. We recommend that you apply ice or a cold pack to the treated area for 10 minutes every hour for the first day.  A water-based makeup may be gently applied as a cover-up, allowing most patients to return to work the next day. 


  • Removal of Pigmented Lesions—freckles, sun spots, melasma
    When tuned correctly, these lasers that treat vascular lesions are also extremely effective for a variety of dark skin spots. These lasers produce a very bright beam of light that destroys the pigment, with very little damage to surrounding skin. These lasers are used to remove pigmented sunburn freckles (solar lentigines), flat brown spots on the hands or face (sun spots), and even lighten melasma.

    The amount of lightening depends on the location and depth of the pigment. For small brown spots, two to three treatments may be needed. The treated site usually darkens and crusts slightly, and generally clears in one week. Crusts will fall off on their own while washing the area during the first week after treatment. Water-based makeup can be gently applied as a cover-up.

For most procedures, the discomfort is so minimal that no anesthesia or pain medication is needed. For some conditions a topical anesthetic cream may be used before laser treatment. Following the procedure, ice and Tylenol will soothe any discomfort. Strenuous exercise and contact sports should be avoided, and alcohol intake limited. Avoiding the sun, using sunscreen, and wearing cover-up clothing are critical, both prior to and after treatment. Following the procedure, you will receive specific written instructions on the care of the treated area.


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