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Many patients can benefit from the removal of brown spots and improvement in skin tone and texture, including fine to moderate wrinkles. Fractionated lasers, in a series of outpatient treatments, can achieve all of these goals. Even stubborn acne scars, once nearly impossible to improve, can be effectively treated with these revolutionary lasers. One of the most important features of these laser treatments is the freedom and confidence to adjust the depth of treatment. Your treatment is custom fit to your condition, your skin type, and your goals. The deeper the treatment you have, the longer the healing period, but also the more impressive outcome. Now with the emergence of radiofrequency microneedling devices, we are able to treat and tighten the dermis at a level deeper than ever before. Your Oak Dermatology physician will help you pick a treatment strategy that is right for you.


At Oak Dermatology, our patients have access to the best. We have state of the art devices, and our surgeons are experts in optimizing the lasers to suit each patient’s unique needs. This combination yields results that are consistently excellent, setting a new standard of care. One of the many advantages of the Cutera Secret RF, Sciton Halo and Lasering Mixto CO2 lasers is the ability to treat the face as well as other areas of the body, including the neck, chest, arms, and hands. Until now, we were unable to reliably and safely improve skin tone, color, and texture off the face. These lasers have been a tremendous breakthrough in this area. 


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