What are Neuromodulator Injections? 

Neuromodulator injections have revolutionized the approach to wrinkle treatment. These injections are quick, almost painless, with minimal risk and zero downtime. A more youthful appearance can be achieved in a single 10-minute session with one of our physicians.


Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport and Xeomin are brand names for purified proteins that are used in extremely small doses for certain cosmetic procedures and medical conditions. They are particularly useful for eliminating unwanted lines of facial expression, such as the frown lines between the eyebrows that may persist through repeated, often involuntary action of facial muscles. They are also great for horizontal forehead creases, crow’s feet around the eyes, lines on the upper lip caused by pursing the lips, down-turned corners of the mouth, and reshaping of the jaw.


Additional uses of Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport and Xeomin include non-surgical brow lift, where they are used to elevate eyebrows, as well as treatment of neck wrinkles and muscular bands. These are remarkable advances in the treatment of the aging face, as previous traditional approaches to eyebrow depression and neck aging have been only invasive surgical procedures.  


Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport and Xeomin are also highly effective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating. Many people suffer from overactive sweat glands of the hands, underarms, feet, and face, and traditional topical or surgical approaches to this embarrassing and uncomfortable problem have not been very effective. Now Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport and Xeomin can be injected directly into the areas of sweating, producing a sweat-free environment for up to six to twelve months at a time. These injections, although not covered by insurance, are also helpful in many patients with tension or migraine headaches, and can provide months of relief with one simple treatment session. 


These products can also be used to reshape the face by skilled injectors. For those with hypertrophic or enlarged jaw muscles, these injections can reduce the musculature, which not only softens the angular “square” jaw and produce a more feminine, softer, gentler contour, this also reduces tension in the angle of the jaw, taking away pain and headaches.

Our physicians have performed thousands of Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport or Xeomin procedures, and train physicians around the world on their techniques. These injections are an art form as much as a science. Excessive injections or misjudgment can lead to obvious asymmetry, distorted expressions, or complete lack of expression or the “frozen” look. 

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