About Scar Correction

Traumatic, surgical, accidental, old and new scars, including acne scars, can often benefit from combined intervention. Available treatments include surgical revision and excision, laser therapy, and intralesional or topical therapy. For many patients, a combination approach is indicated.

Depending on the type, location, texture, and color of the scars, lasers can be a primary modality or adjunct treatment modality. For example, if redness is the most obvious component of a scar, a vascular laser such as the Cutera excel V may be the most useful in removing the redness. If texture is the main issue, your surgeon may choose a fractional laser such as the Sciton Halo or Lasering Mixto to resurface the skin. It takes a discerning eye and years of experience to determine the right laser to use, and how to combine it with fillers, chemical peels, surgery, and injections to achieve the best outcome.

Our physicians will take the time to explain to you the possible risks and benefits of treatment, as well as the likelihood of success. Fortunately, most scars will improve with intervention, and the results can sometimes be amazing.


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