Sclerotherapy on Chest/Hands

Few patients are aware that unwanted hand and chest veins can be treated just as effectively.  The hands can be a telltale sign of aging. Over time, as the skin thins and muscle tissues and fat deposits in the hands decrease, veins appear larger, making the hands appear aged or masculine. However, this is a highly technical procedure, and only select physicians have undergone this training. Dr. Hsu and Dr. Bhatia regularly teach other physicians on these sclerotherapy techniques during national conferences. Likewise, a number of women tend to have visible breast veins especially after breast augmentation surgery. If deemed unsightly, breast veins can easily be treated with sclerotherapy.  


Like treatment of leg veins, injection sclerotherapy offers a fast, simple, and virtually painless way to eliminate unwanted hand veins and chest veins with no significant risks. The treatment is done in the office and requires no anesthesia.  It involves the injection of Asclera solution into the vein with a fine needle.  The solution causes the veins to slowly collapse over time. Two hours after treatment, the patient can resume all activity without limitations. The results are dramatic and long lasting.  


The procedure is safe for healthy patients.  Once the target veins are eliminated, blood flow is rerouted to other existing veins without compromising circulation. Some mild bruising and swelling may occur after treatment, but quickly resolves. Patients who have undergone radical mastectomy, those who have a dialysis shunt, or patients who have had any significant trauma to the hands, arms, or chest are poor candicates for this procedure.  


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