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Board-certified dermatologist in itasca and naperville

Dr. Tushar Dabade is a board-certified dermatologist with interests in surgical, medical and cosmetic dermatology. His goal is to have a positive impact on your quality of life - and knowing that the means to that end are different for each individual. It may entail learning about the signs of skin cancer during a mole examination, using a new medication to finally get one's eczema under control, or softening skin lines with cosmetic treatments. It could be surgically removing a melanoma or outlining a practical regimen to treat acne. Whatever the challenge, he has an empathetic ear and thoughtful approach to caring for someone's dermatologic needs.

With his medical degree from the Mayo Clinic, Dermatology residency training from Tufts University, and experience in practice with Northwestern Medical Group, Dr. Dabade has developed an academic approach to patient's concerns with an easy to understand style. He has authored extensively in peer-reviewed medical journals, book chapters, editorials, and given national and international presentations on psoriasis, eczema, surgical techniques, acne, skin infections, patient education, and other dermatologic conditions. As a research fellow at Wake Forest University, he helped develop innovative dermatologic therapies, and as a clinician he continuously seeks to incorporate novel treatments into his daily practice. Moreover, each patient is cared for as if they were a family member - in an ethical, non-judgmental, dignified, and warm-hearted way.


Dr. Dabade's memberships include the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Mohs Surgery, International Immunosuppression and Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative, and the Chicago Dermatological Society.

While away from the clinic, Dr. Dabade enjoys traveling to foreign countries and NFL stadiums with his wife, trying to cover Ed Sheeran on the guitar, rooting for his alma mater the University of California - Berkeley, and searching for some semblance of balance between fitness and foodie.


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